Preparing to Buy

Purchasing a property is one of the biggest decisions you will make.  Before you start your property search, it's a good idea to get prepared.

Get your documents together.

Create a folder that contains all your important documents that you will need to secure financing for your future home.


An example of what your file should contain are:

  • Current Pay stubs (usually last 30 days)

  • Current Photo ID

  • Bank Account Statements 

  • Tax returns for the last 2 years

  • 401K statements, life insurance, bonds, stocks and mutual account information.

Know your credit score

Your credit score will have a HUGE impact on what type of loan your can get.  The lender will research your credit ratings from 3 credit reporting agencies Equifax, Experian and Transunion. I will be happy to recommend experienced, knowledgable lenders in any real estate fields. 

Be careful with your finances.  It is not a good idea to make sudden career changes or large purchases.  You want to approach your property purchase from a position of stability.


Once you have your pre approval its time to go house hunting! 

Choosing a REALTOR®

Buying property requires making many important financial decisions.  It requires understanding of complex issues and completing a lot of paperwork.  It helps to have a professional and an expert in your corner when undertaking such a large purchase.  

Grupe Real Estate is San Joaquin County`s Number 1 Real Estate Company.  Grupe has been in business since 1973 and with such a dominating presence in the community, I can guide you through this process and provide you with inside knowledge.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing your REALTOR®:

  • Look for an agent who is actually listening to your needs.

  • Interview a few, it's important that you both can work together.

  • Does this agent returns calls, text messages or emails?

  • Ask for references. 

  • Pick someone you are comfortable with.

Lets go shopping!

Now that the preparations are out of the way, lets find a property thats right for you.


Get to know neighborhoods, subdivisions and other areas that interest you.  Drive around and get a feel for what would it be like to own a property in this area. 


Drive areas of interest at different times of the day to see if there are any factors that will affect your enjoyment.


Select a few properties that interest you the most and contact me to make appointments to view them.


Once you have picked out the property you want to purchase, I am here to help you make an offer that the seller will accept.  A good REALTOR® will investigate the potential costs and expenses associated with the new property.  My goal is to help you draft your offer in a way that gives you the advantage over another one.




San Joaquin COUNTY?

I can help with that too!

I like my clients to feel important and for them to come to me with any question during their real estate process.

I have been able to build a network of Relator's that I can reach out to, that can assist you. 

Whether your searching in Southern California or New York City let me help you find the right match.

Ask a question.

Still have questions about the buying process, ask it here!